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Project Organization Structure

The Qualitek Business Unit structure ensures ongoing technical support to all activities managed on behalf of client during the completion of projects.

Project Organization Structure

Service deliverables

Qualitek personnel engaged on all Project as Project Coordinators, Expediters, Vendor Inspectors and
Logistics Specialist will deliver services, reports and documentation to clients in a timely and accurate manner according to requirements as detailed on tender documents, inspection services”.
All results of the monitoring expediting, inspection and/or surveillance process will be recorded, and the Technical Specialists will focus on concerns and to identify any existing non-compliances or potential risks in either quality or delays in delivery.

Qualitek will manage all activities as described on tender documents in accordance with standard,
proven systems which comply with the Qualitek Quality Management System. The Quality Management system is formally documented according to ISO 9001. All supporting detailed instructions have been designed and are frequently utilized by all Technical and Administrative staff in order to execute activities successfully.
The Qualitek Business Unit structure ensures ongoing technical support to all activities managed on behalf of client during the completion of projects.

Project Organization Structure

Project Execution Strategy

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Project Organization Structure


Quality Assurance and HSE Records are monitored by our management, which allows customer complaint data to be logged and processed through a pre agreed workflow and the recording and
investigation of health and safety issues.

Every record can be printed out to provide our clients with the following information:

  • Details of Feedback
  • Comments on Investigation into feedback
  • Corrective Action
  • Preventive Action
  • Cost Implication (if any)

Internal Project Management

A Project Coordinator will be appointed within Qualitek office to manage all customer relations and interface on Projects. This Project Coordinator will be the designated management representative who will have overall responsibility for delivering the service.

Technical Specialists

All Qualitek technical staff form part of an overall Qualitek competency program and are thus
subjected to various training and verification tests. Qualitek shall ensure that all Technical Specialists to be utilized on Project have completed and passed the relevant training. The qualifications of all personnel are verified by Qualitek prior to employment or contracting.

Project Organization Structure

Consistency of Quality

Project Coordinator

The allocated Project Coordinator will have overall responsibility for the Qualitek Services provided on
this Project.
Activities include:

  • Receiving the assignments from client Project Team, obtaining complete and clear instructions
    from client
  • Recommend suitable TS with CV and supporting document to the client for approval
  • Ensuring that all personnel receive HSE training, security information and appropriate PPE.
  • Monitoring the application and compliance of all project HSE requirements
  • Issue assignment instruction to the approved TS
  • Liaison with supplier to schedule the visit
  • Receive reports and information from TS
  • Review all reports for accuracy and completeness, referring to Technical Experts when in doubt
  • Transmit reports to client in timely manner (within 48h)
  • Transmit the client requirements to the TS working on the assignment
  • Upload and store as soft copies, Client issued documentation, assignments, correspondence,
    reports and relative supplier’s certification in the relevant sections of the Company Operational System.
  • Respond to any client enquiries efficiently
  • Ensure assignment goals and instructions are satisfied
  • Collect all time sheet and expenses sheets for invoicing
  • Submit the invoices to accounting dept. and clarify all queries regarding invoices


Qualitek operating office will ensure that suitably qualified and approved Technical Specialists are
available for designated project assignments, and that their ongoing performance is closely monitored.
Inspection/Expediting personnel will ensure all assignment instructions received for Inspection assignments are performed competently and at the times required.

Activities include:

  • To review the assignment instruction for adequacy and practicality.
  • To attend meetings as required.
  • To liaise with clients, and others as relevant, in the determination of inspection stages and requirements.
  • To visit manufacturers, suppliers, installers, and others as necessary to perform or witness the requisite inspections.
  • To provide in good time all required reports of the inspections performed / witnessed.
  • To ensure all inspection and related activities in which involved are performed in accordance with requirements as defined in Qualitek work instructions and procedures.

Various established and proven Qualitek Surveillance & Operating Procedures are available and will be applied as the minimum process inspection/expediting requirements for services unless specific instructions are provided by client.

Project Organization Structure

Service delivery structure

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