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Course Dates Hours
Painting 11/12/13 OTTOBRE 2022 24 Hours View Details Register
Basic welding course DAL 13 AL 17 GIUGNO 2022 40 Hours View Details Register
Advanced welding course DAL 7 AL 11 NOVEMBRE 2022 80 Hours View Details Register
Expediting (Desk & Field) 9/10/11 MAGGIO 2022 21/22/23 NOVEMBRE 2022 24 Hours View Details Register
Internal Auditor I & II Parte 21/22 MARZO 2022 3/4 OTTOBRE 2022 16 Hours View Details Register
QI/SQI Entry Level – L1 Quality Inspector/Supplier Quality Inspector) 27/28/29 APRILE 2022
21/22/23 SETTEMBRE 2022
24 Hours View Details Register

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Provide an overview of the issues related to corrosion of metals and the importance of its prevention in view of the durability and the real and perceived quality of manufactured goods. All through the knowledge of the basic concepts of anticorrosion in the industrial field. Agenda
  • Metal Corrosion – Typology and Regulatory Briefs
  • Targeted Design and Regulatory Background
  • Corrosion Protection Selection and Regulatory Briefs
  • Subcontractor Specification Issuance and Regulatory Briefs
  • Preventive Surface Treatment and Regulatory Briefs
  • Types of liquid coatings and regulatory briefs
  • Application Techniques and Regulatory Briefs
  • Finished Product Testing and Regulatory Briefs
  • Final reports and regulatory overviews

Basic knowledge of materials.

To anyone wishing to learn a basic understanding of the paint industry.

Course duration
24 hours.

Basic welding course


After completing the training program, candidates will have some knowledge to follow workshop welding operation related to the main process and steel construction.


  • Introduction to the welding GMAW – GTAW – SMAW process technology
  • Welding of: Stainless steel; Cr-Mo alloy steel; carbon steel; Nickel alloy
  • Basic metallurgy of steel after welding
  • Non-Destructive test; Welding defects & Joints evaluation
  • Welding procedures (WPS)
  • Symbols and drawing of welds
  • Health & Safety

Secondary school technical purpose (not mandatory).

Welders; Welding coordinators; Workshop foreman.

Course duration
40 hours.

Advanced welding course

After completing the training program, candidates will have some knowledge to follow Design, Fabrication, Evaluation & testing of welded manufacturing. Agenda
  • Fundamentals of metallurgy, microstructure, and properties of metals & Metal alloys state diagrams alloys microstructures
  • Metallurgy and weldability of C-Mn; Cr-Mo alloy steels; Stainless steel; Nickel alloy
  • Heat treatment of base material and welded joints
  • Welded joints structures
  • Corrosion prevention of welded joints & Failure analysis
  • Welding process technology
  • Fabrication aspects: Thermal cutting process and edges preparation
  • Welding special processes
  • Welding procedure specification & qualification (Codes & standards interpretation)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Health & Safety
Secondary school technical purpose (not mandatory).

Welders; Welding coordinators; Workshop foreman.

Course duration
40 hours.



Transferring skills to be able to perform a detailed analysis of the entire critical manufacturing path of a given product/project, from order to delivery.

Transferring specific skills to properly oversee the various phases of execution of a project: Order Status; Equipment Inventory in Action; Project Verifications; Progress in Manufacturing, Testing, Packaging, Shipping and Delivery.


  • Introduction to the activity of Expediting
  • The methodological approach
  • Types of Expediting
  • Protagonists and assignments
  • Qualified suppliers (Audit)
  • Project Elements
  • Assignment Management
  • Expediting Report
  • Fabrication Schedule
  • Shipping

Base knowledge of Technical English Language.

Technical Office, Quality, Testing and Shipping Department.

Course duration
24 hours.

Internal Auditor I & II Part


Supply you with the knowledge and skills to perform First and Second Party Audits to monitor Quality Management System according with ISO 19011:2018.
Provide you with fundamentals to create your own check list suitable with your business reality.
Give you a proper imprinting (sign and body language) in managing your Audits.


  • Kind of Audits
  • Audit Plans
  • Roles & tasks
  • Audits phases
  • Check List
  • Audits Report
  • Non-Conformities, Observations, Improvement Opportunities+
  • Communication

Base knowledge of UNI EN ISO 9011:2015.

Managers of the various business functions, in particular, quality managers, and personnel responsible for performing audits.

Course duration
16 hours.

QI/SQI Entry Level – L1 Quality Inspector/Supplier Quality Inspector

An L1 certified technician is qualified to carry out internal inspections within the company or at its suppliers, with the aim of verifying aspects of a qualitative nature on the correct application of company procedures. This module encompasses all of the attitudinal skills needed by inspectors to complete an inspection process and includes the following activities:
  • Internal inspections of production departments/staff
  • Inspections on the progress of an order/project
  • Inspections for the qualification of a supplier within the supply chain
  • Inspections for the control of product conformity and contractual requirements

  • Standard ISO 9001 knowledge
  • Standard ISO IEC 17020 knowledge
  • Quality Manual knowledge
  • Control documents (procedures, working instructions, specifications) knowledge
  • ITP (Inspection Test Plan) and QCP (Quality Control Plan) knowledge
  • Report compilation knowledge
  • Third part and second part inspection knowledge
  • Inspection process knowledge (Pre-Inspection Meeting, Intermediate stage – NDT, Pressure Test – Final Inspection – Certification review, Coating, Packing)
  • Certificates 3.1-3.2-EAC-ATEX knowledge
  • Code of Ethics knowledge
  • Safety standards knowledge

Pre-Requirements Three months of industry experience is required and demonstrated through documentation of the following activities:

  • Have participated in internal and/or customer/supplier audits
  • Supported audits by third parties and/or customers/suppliers
  • Have worked as an inspector for the various sectors of reference
  • To have exercised expediting activities
  • Working alongside expert personnel
  • To have participated to activities of control-test in a quality department

Addressees The certification of the personnel in charge of inspection activities is applicable to all the professional figures who carry out verification and inspection activities for third parties. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the figures involved in the process:

  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Technician
  • Quality Control – QC
  • Inspector
  • Internal Auditor
  • Auditor for vendor qualification
  • Project Manager

Course duration 24 hours

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