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Factory Audit

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Vendor assessment describes an organization’s program of assessing its vendors’ management of that organization’s information, and whether vendors are implementing and maintaining appropriate security controls. A vendor assessment program will establish guidelines to ensure that an organization’s vendors comply with that organization’s required information security policies and procedures. Vendor assessment is one part of an organization’s larger program of maintaining the safety of its internal and customer data and information. Organizations will seek a security review of active and potential vendors, and vendors must demonstrate that they have practices in place to securely manage data.
Implementing a vendor assessment program is a way for an organization to ensure that its varied vendors are consistently compliant with required security policies and procedures and Qualitek will help you in this objective with his experienced personnel.

Factory Audit

Supplier Qualification

Companies want to know, before placing an order, that their chosen manufacturer has the necessary infrastructure, systems, processes, and capabilities to fulfil it.

They also need to ensure that local and international standards of quality and safety are consistently maintained across all their international vendors, and throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.
From multi-national companies with complex international supply chains to smaller businesses facing increasing manufacturing costs, more companies are looking to lower-cost vendors in countries with less developed quality, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery processes.
This requires companies to maintain consistent, acceptable standards while working with a range of vendors across a variety of territories.
We can help you gain a complete understanding of vendor capabilities through a systematic and independent vendor assessment.
Our reliable, accredited auditors carry out internal audits, allowing companies and their vendors to meet quality standards without the cost of retaining an internal auditor on staff.
While the criteria are tailored to suit our clients’ needs, audits typically focus on a vendor’s systems, practices and capabilities.
Audits may include pre-contract assessment and compliance testing to international standards, for example quality (ISO 9001) health and safety (ISO 18001) environmental management (ISO 14001). We also provide guidance for corrective and actions considering an audit’s findings and follow-up assessments to confirm the effective implementation of those actions.

We also provide Approved Vendor Lists audits, allowing our clients to maintain a current list of approved suppliers in preparation for future projects.
As a global operator we can support auditing and assessment needs anywhere in the world, providing timely and cost-effective access to expertise, with the added value of in-depth local knowledge.
Our auditors are qualified to evaluate companies to both local and internationally accepted standards.
And to keep pace with current standards and legislation, we are dedicated to continued training, development, and competency testing.

Technical auditing and assessment services help insulate our clients’ business from the risk associated with choosing suppliers. In addition, our services can help reduce costs, improve quality, and promote
continuous improvement.

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