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Project Execution

With specific reference to the selection, training, evaluation, and monitoring of QC personnel, we have implemented specific procedures governing these aspects into our Management System.

Project execution

Selection of QC Personnel

When need is established for recruitment of new personnel (this could be a specific client request, a special contract, or a general requirement) Resource Management/HR review and contact identified
candidates for suitability.

Every candidate must go through a technical interview with Qualitek Technical Manager, who ensures that the resource is suitable for a particular job and verifies applicable qualifications and certificates. If the candidate is approved, Qualitek appoints the suitable personnel and develop a training plan, if applicable.

The new Resource record is therefore added in the competency matrix, which manages the Technical Qualification process within the system.

All Qualitek technical staff form part of an overall Qualitek competency program and are thus subjected to various training and verification tests. Qualitek shall ensure that all Technical Specialists to be utilized on this Project have completed and passed the relevant competency training. The qualifications of all personnel are verified by Qualitek prior to employment or contracting.

In addition, Qualitek developed a program of internal Technical Training and Training on Field for Project/Notification Coordinators and Resource Management Team with the aim of improving Coordinators’ skills and competencies.

Project execution

Training & Evaluation of QC Personnel

Category Discipline Topic Lesson No.
Document review General Inspection/Expediting reports review Minimum content report, main information, data, SOP references 1
Expediting basics Minimum content report, SOP references 2
Destructive and non destrucitve inspections NDT (supeficial) Personnel qualification, VT, PT, MT (basics) 3
NDT (volumetric) RT, UT (basics) 4
Mechanical inspections Tension, bend, impact (temp.), hardness, macro, others (general overview of inspections) 5
Tightness inspections HT, LT (general overview of inspections) 6
Eletrical Eletric Equipment Transformers, motors, alternators, (acronyms, main components, einspection requirements, FAQs) 7
Eletrical boxes UPS, switchgear (acronyms, main components, einspection requirements, FAQs) 8
Mechanical Rotating: pumps, compressors, turbines Main components, inspection purposes 9
Fittings Typologies, main components, inspection purposes 10
Valves 11
Basements/steel structures insp. Configurations, materials, control purposes 12
Inspection of boiler/pressure V. 13
Inspection of piping/skids 14
Welding inspection/heat treatmets Main processes, applicable documents, relevant heat treatments 15
Painting inspection Preparations, products, cycles, inspections (visual, DFT, adhesion/cross-cut) 16

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Project execution

Monitoring of QC Personnel Qualifications

Qualitek manage all the updates to the Active Resource records (contact information, qualifications, training records, education background, certifications, work history outside of Qualitek and a cumulative record of Qualitek Work History).
The “Expiry Report” function of our system assess a list of all pending or overdue expiration fields in the Resource Profiles, such as pay rate schedule, passport/driver’s license expiry, NDT certification expiry

All Qualitek technical staff is subject to a monitoring process to ensure the quality of our services.
Assessments are performed either by desk top review or “on the job” at place of work.
Results of Assessment are documented and recorded into TS Assessment Data base.

Project execution

Monitoring of QC Personnel Performance

Throughout the years, Qualitek has worked to develop a world-class talent pool database and Applicant Tracking System which allows our talent-search specialists to align candidates with opportunities. This Applicant Tracking System now contains almost 500 unique candidates and is growing every day. Many of the candidates have already been screened and are ready for global deployment.
As well, the Qualitek Applicant Tracking System integrates fully with the global partnerships we have undertaken with highly specialized and respected external job boards. This integration only increases our ability to showcase the highest caliber of candidates to our clients. Social media is of paramount importance to attracting the best of talent, and the Qualitek Technical Staffing Services group works closely with Qualitek Social Media to remain fresh in our sourcing initiatives.Through Talent Analytics, The Qualitek Applicant Tracking System helps Qualitek manage the available resources with our client requirements, translating into a powerful tool in customized recruitment.
These analytics, combined with a robust search engine including state-of-the-art proximity search functions, increases the ability for Qualitek to attract talent where and when they are needed. Our worldwide regional recruiting centers are fully connected with this same talent database which grows each day as additional information is added to the system.
Acquisition of talent to opportunity is more than just finding people, it is managing relationships. At Qualitek, we very seriously look at our business as having two clients – one our customer, with whom our resources are assigned to, and our personnel who work with our customers. Both are equally important, and we strive in managing our reputation with each. From the start of the process with the first contact point, to the last step of the way – Qualitek Technical Staffing Services do all we can to ensure we offer a fair, equitable, and honest relationship to both parties.

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