• Oil & Gas solutions

    Our technical expertise deliver Total Quality Assurance across the entire oil and gas chain - Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, get support for your production, engineering, training, quality and inspection needs.

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  • Vendor

    Onshore, offshore, on site, or in the field, you can trust us to supply technical services that add value, whatever the situation. We have decades of experience serving the energy industry, delivering quality and safety solutions on a global scale.

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  • Renewable

    Verify the safety, efficiency, and field performance of solar PV panels, modules, inverters, converters, and accessories.

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  • Ispection services
    for subsea

    Qualitek provide quality inspection services for subsea products in order to ensure quality standards are met.

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Our Mission

To exceed our customers expectations with skilled, certified personnel and innovative Inspection and Certification services for your operations and supply chain. Globally. 24/7.

Our Values

Our value is our diversity such as value, creation, integrity, responsibility, free speech and tolerance – we encourage each other to take initiative and to challenge. We live and work by a moral code, outlined in our Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct.

Our History

Qualitek is made up of experts with more than 20 years of experience fully skilled in operating in Oil & Gas Industry and Renewable Energy.


Vendor Inspection services

This service is particularly relevant in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pipelines, Marine, Mining, Infrastructure, Transportation & Renewables industries where clients procurement departments may procure a considerable amount of items, with many different manufacturers around the world.

We can help you to:

  • assure the development and continued operation of a project, which depends on the right quality of equipment, products and components delivered by vendors
  • verify the conformity with the requirements of applicable international or national codes, standards and technical specifications stated in the contract between client and manufacturer, before the products are dispatched.
  • detect eventual defects at source
  • determinate in advance the compliance with client expectations, in order to minimize or avoid safety issues and the risk of extra costs, due to subsequent failures at site.
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Third party inspection services

The impartial and independence conditions are very important factors for third party Inspection agencies. We can make sure that your components and structures are tested in accordance with all current standards and also in compliance with all your special requirements.

Expediting Services

It’s our duty to guarantee that every aspect of production is monitored and reviewed to ensure that all avenues are examined and considered with a view to customer delivery requirements being achieved. We select the better qualified expediters that are able to work with the manufacturer to identify delays and potential problems with a view to initiating remedial action to get production activities back on schedule. We provide expediting services across industries such as renewable energy, oil & gas, mining, petrochemical and marine.

NDT inspection services, NDT procedure review & NDT services

NDT inspections are an integral part of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. We provide non-destructive testing, materials testing and welding services for these and further industries in order to detect flaws in components to reduce failure and increase reliability. We can select the right techniques and procedures to detect defects and irregularities in your products, equipment, production facilities or plant assets thanks to our profound expertise and knowledge in NDT and materials testing. If you already have NDT procedures, we can review them to insure that they meet the applicable standards and codes, like ASTM, ASME, API, AWS, ISO.

Quality Assurance & Technical Audit services

Qualitek provide quality assurance services in order to ensure quality standards are met. We are able to provide vendor and supplier audits and assessments.

Academy Training and Certification Services

Our Technical specialists are selected, qualified, trained and monitored on specific commodity, applicable standards and client specific requirements by our expert team with a dedicated Academy program. We also provide dedicated training on client specific request.

Technical Staffing Services

Our Technical Staffing Services offer a complete solution to your recruitment needs. We work to find you the best candidates, provide logistical support at every stage of recruitment and employment we recruit highly qualified and experienced technical personnel for the world’s largest energy, engineering and construction companies. Our service doesn’t stop at recruitment. We offer you a complete solution, providing essential support services for you and your employees.


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Renewable Energy


Customized Services

Our Contacts

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